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9 Tips to get the best performance of your Robot Vacuum Cleaner


9 Tips to get the best performance of your 

                         Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Here at Bagotte we are concern that you can get the best performance of our products that’s why we have prepared a list of a few handy tips that will alloy you to have longer lifespan Vacuum Cleaner. 

1-Clean after each use

After every cleaning cycle, your robot vacuum cleaner will collect dust, hair and a bit everything that it will find on the floor. To make sure its suction performance is at its maximum, you’ll like to do a bit of cleaning after (or before) using it. Empty the dustbin, make sure the brush doesn’t have hair that would interfere with the rolling, quickly clean the filter to remove the excess of dust. These operation won’t take you much time and will help your robot vacuum cleaner giving its best.

2-Remove harmful object

Although Bagotte Robot Vacuum Cleaner is very smart, it is programmed to vacuum and it’ll vacuum for sure. However it cannot make the distinction between regular stuff it can vacuum and things that might damage it. So make your to make a quick inspection to check if there are no metal nails, wire, excess quantity of water on the floor. Any of these might damage your robot.

3-Change the filter periodically

It is recommended to clean the filter after each cleaning cycle however you also need to change them after a while. The periodicity depends on how often you use the vacuum cleaner. If you use it on a daily basis, then we recommend you change the filters every month, if you use it more like once a week then you can change it every 3 to 4 months.

4-Clean the sensors monthly

Sensors for a robot vacuum cleaner is like compass for a sailor, they are the one to make the robot navigate through your house, avoid the stairs or the furniture. After several cleaning cycle, some dust might accumulate on the sensors, which might have an influence on the cleaning performance of your vacuum cleaner. Therefore, once a month, you can use a clean towel or napkin and gently clean the sensors. Do not use any water of detergent.

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5-Check and change the side brushes

As you cleaned every other part of the cleaner, side brushes also need they time in maintenance. When the side brushes are too full of debris, they cannot spin well and that will consume more battery, so once a week you might need to check if so debris like hair, dental floss or other are stuck in the brush, if so, clean it before you launch a new cleaning cycle. Also if the brushes are too worn out, won’t be able to clean as well as new ones (especially on the wall sides). If you find out your robot’s side brushes are worn out, do not hesitate to change them.

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6-Respect the battery charging cycles

The batteries are the heart of the devices, it is important to take care of them. In order to do so and in order to maintain the battery lifespan for a longer time, avoid overcharging the robot vacuum cleaner as well as it is better not to charge the battery when it is still half full.

So we recommend that you launch longer cleaning cycle, to use as much battery as possible and then charge it. Once it is completely charged, unplug the charging base until it is meant to be used again 

7-Do not expose to extreme temperature

Extreme temperature can be harmful to the battery and other sensitive components of the vacuum cleaner. When you set up the charging base or when you have to store the device, avoid such places as garage, attic or balcony as the robot will suffer for overheat that will shorten the battery lifespan.

8-Use Manufacturer’s Accessories Only

Always buy the replacement parts from the genuine manufacturer. These parts are tailor-made for your vacuum cleaner. You sure can find cheaper parts but there are no guarantee about the quality nor about the compatibility with our Robot.

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9-Make sure the rooms are bright enough

The sensors are what the robot vacuum cleaner relies on to move around your home and avoid them to fall into stairs. Make sure your home has enough light to prevent your vacuum cleaner to fall off a step.

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