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Bagotte BG600 / BG700/BG800 Robot Vacuum Accessories, Robot Vacuum Cleaner Spare Parts (4x side brushes, 2xHEPA filter, 1x central brush)

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For a better cleaning experience, we recommend replacing the accessories regularly

filter: every 2 months roller, brush : every 6-12 months, side brush : every 3-6 months

Side brushes: the brushes rotate at high speed, which efficiently collects waste and dust in the suction inlet.

Roller brush: V-shaped design, fits closer to the floor when cleaning, cleans deep into the ground gap

HEPA filter: super strong adsorption, 3 layers of fine filtering, deflate clean air and avoid secondary pollution.

Note: Our products can be delivered all over the world. In addition, we only need you to pay the price of the product itself, and you will not be responsible for the rest of the duties, transportation costs and so on.


What you get : 

4 x side brushes, 

1 x roller brush, 

2 x sets of high-performance filters and foam filter

 (only for BG-Series vacuum cleaners, not for BL509 and I7)

For optimal use:

How to install

(No tool installation required)

1- Rolling brush: open the protective cover of the roller brush, align the interface and install it directly

2- Filter: open the bin, remove the filter by grabbing the white flap

3- Side brush: attach side brushes to the bottom of the robot by pushing a brush into each slot


1- Press the release button to remove the container.

2- Open the door of the container to empty it.

Cleaning the robot filter

1- Remove the filter by touching the white flap.

2- Shake off the dirt by knocking the filter against your waste bin.

Clean the roller brush, side brush and the robot swivel wheel

1- Take out the rolling brush and clean the vacuum cleaner cycle with a cloth.

2- Clean the rolling brush. Cut the hair wound in the roller brush with the knife of the included cleaning tool.

3- Remove the side brush, use a cloth to remove the dust from the brush.

4- Pull out the swivel wheel and then clean the swivel wheel with the cleaning tool.

Cleaning the sensors and charging pins.

1-To maintain the best performance, clean the drop sensors and charging pins regularly.

2- Dust the drop sensors and charging contact pins with a cloth or cleaning brush.