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Bagotte BS900 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Bagotte-Create More: With 400 W brushless motor, the rotation speed up to 1500 rpm. The offer maximises 25000 Pa ultra-strong suction power. Bagotte ensures that it is powerful enough to help you at home make the house as clean as you need it and create more options.

Excellent battery life: Unique excellent wireless running time supports 55 minutes at 7KPA, 20 minutes at 13KPA, 8 minutes at maximum 25KPA. Functions with super fast charges only need 2-3 hours for a full charge, shorten charging time to save time. Excellent suction performance to achieve an excellent cleaning effect.

Durable efficient filtration: Bagotte BS900 battery vacuum cleaner with highly effective, washable HEPA filters and durable stainless steel filters. After our tests, it can efficiently filter 99.97% of all allergens and dust particles that are only 0.1 microns. Bagotte offers the highest level of purified fresh air and an excellent cleaning experience.

8-in-1 multiple applications: thanks to the removable extension tube, the cleaning brush for hard floors, the carpet cleaning brush and two additional cleaning devices that help you change the use as desired. Such as hard floor and carpet cleaning, sofa, ceiling, car vacuum cleaner, keyboard vacuum cleaner. Other possible uses depend on your needs.

Wall bracket special design: Bagotte BS900 vacuum cleaner covered with the popular purple-black combination. With the wall bracket (in package), it can be fixed to the wall, making it an elegant, stylish decoration in your home. Bagotte supports a 12-month warranty and 24/7 professional customer service.

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Super strong brushless motor
Equipped with the brushless motor with up to 400 W, which allows pet hair, dirt and fine dust to be quickly absorbed from hard floors and carpets.

25000 Pa strong suction power
Increases suction power up to 25000Pa. Higher suction performance, better cleaning effect helps you pick up any dust easily. Provides you with a clean house effortlessly.


Hygienic cleanliness

Equipped with a unique high efficiency HEPA filter and washable stainless steel filters with up to 99.97% filtration. Get ready for the fresh air all the time.

Two different types of brushes
The package contains two different cleaning brushes, including a hard floor brush and a carpet brush. With these two brushes, you can clean different types of floors. Powerful and unique

Quiet cleaning adjustable
3 different suction powers - adjustable to achieve 3 different noise levels. So you can set the perfect noise level when you need it.

Super fast charging.
Bagotte developed the new generation of super-fast charging technology. Only takes 2-3 hours to fully charge a 2000mAh battery for a maximum of 55 minutes of runtime.

Large & removable bin
With 0.6 L large capacity dust container can help you collect as much as the dust you can have. One click to open the bin and release the trash easily.

8-in-1 multiple uses.
Equipped with two cleaning tools and an extended hose. Help you reach 8 unique cleaning needs easily. Such as car vacuuming, bed vacuuming, floor vacuuming, gaps etc.



Guaranteed for 1-year 


1- Hard floor brush and carpet brush included,

2- Max. up to 55 min. running time,

3- 8-in-1 multiple cleaning applications adjustable,

4-Super-fast charging cuts the charging time to just 2-3 hours, 

5-25000Pa stronger suction power,

6- The front is equipped with LED light for night vacuuming,

7- Bagotte supports a 12 month free warranty and 24/7 customer service


Package Dimensions

68.5 x 34 x 13.4 cm; 4.52 Kilograms

Item Weight

400 Watt Hours



Item Weight

4.52 kg

Working time

55 minutes